Cygnal Track Plant

Cygnal Track Plant




Price includes supply and onsite installation of Gosafe plant tracker.  Subscription charges apply.


Cygnal give the option of not having a minimum contract term, giving the customer full flexibility. Units are offered for sale or on rental.

Vehicle Tracking Systems


Using mostly Gosafe G3A & G3S (waterproof) tracking units, this is a simple and functional vehicle tracking system that will cater for all fleets, large and small.


Cygnal's vehicle tracking arm, CygnalTrack, provides a choice of two different tracking systems to cater for all of our customers' needs. CygnalTrack are independent providers and installers of both of these networks and can recommend the best system for your particular needs.


Call 0191 5172889 to discuss your fleet tracking requirements or to request a visit by our technical staff to give a no-obligation demonstration.


Tracking lets you see where your vehicles are at all times and improve your productivity and efficiency by reducing lost working hours. A Vehicle Tracking system can provide a cost-effective system to enable you to track, monitor and control your vehicles wherever they are in the world, using GPRS/GPS satellite technology. Costs vary from around 50p to £1.30 per day.


For the greens amongst you, or if you just want to cut down on fuel, accidents and maintenance costs of your fleet of vehicles, some of our systems can closely monitor driver performance, showing excessive braking, acceleration, cornering and speeding. (This can be indicated to the driver, real time, in his cab). Connection to the Canbus, if available, can give carbon emissions, fuel consumption and more.

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