Scorpion Track Fleet S7


Price includes supply and onsite installation of vehicle tracker S7.  Subscription charges apply.


With a choice of unmonitored (£82.50pa) or monitored by our 24/7/365 Secure Monitoring Centre (£125.00pa), our ScorpionTrack Thatcham-approved Fleet Tracker provides our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their Fleet’s security is in the very best hands.  

  • Benefits

    How can ScorpionTrack Fleet Management
    system help business?


    Here are just a few of the many benefits enjoyed by our growing portfolio of business customers:


    Reduce your Costs

    Massive cost saving potential based on efficiencies and reduction in expenditure achieved by:


    • Lower Fuel Expenditure

      Reduced fuel costs through better route planning and driver behaviour.

    • Optimize

      Optimal vehicle usage by allocating work to drivers in closest proximity to customer’s location.

    • Reduced risk

      Reduced risk of accidents and vehicle wear & tear through improved driver behaviour.

    • Premium Reductions

      Reduction in insurance premiums.*

    • Reduce expenses

      Reduction in overtime claims and expense submissions.


    Manage your vehicles and drivers with precision.


    • Access to real-time KPIs and dashboards covering fuel cost, driver behaviour, comprehensive vehicle/driver journey statistics and much more.
    • Receive scheduled reports by email.
    • The system enables you to group and filter your drivers by depot, vehicle type or purpose (e.g. delivery drivers, sales team and field technicians).
    • The system converts each of your vehicle’s locations into a meaningful address.
    • Efficient journey planning and work scheduling can enable extra deliveries, collections and sales visits each day.
    • Reduced administration and no more constant phone calling to determine each of your driver’s changing locations.


    Improved Customer Service


    Empowering a pro-active and immediate response to your customers' daily needs.


    • Respond immediately and accurately to your customer queries relating to driver location, driver identification and estimated time of arrival.
    • Offer more pro-active customer account management in relation to servicing of their needs by your mobile workforce.
  • Features

    ScorpionTrack Fleet


    • Real Time Updates

      Accurately manage your entire fleet with ease with real-time updates.

    • Google Maps & Street Integration

      Full screen mapping, street view, traffic overlays, address lookup, satellite view and more.

    • Live Mapping

      Vehicle Position, speed, bearing, ignition state info plotted on live tracking map.

    • Custom Dashboard

      Your fleet ops and key performance indicators (KPI) graphs presented on a fully customisable dashboard.

    • Powerful Reporting

      Fast, highly customisable and intuitive reporting and receive scheduled reports by email. View online and export to PDF, Excel or HTML for further processing.

    • Assign Vehicle Groups

      Define, group and filter your fleet by depot, type or purpose. Also assign vehicles to multiple groups.

    • 24/7/365 Message Alerts

      Email or text alerts empower you to respond immediately to the latest situation from the field. All displayed on live map with audio notifications.

    • Custom Geofences

      Highly customisable geofence system enabling you to designate specific areas where your vehicles are allowed or prohibited. Feature supports area designation by simple circles or complex shapes.

    • Know Exact Vehicle Locations

      Our system converts every vehicle location into a meaningful address.

    • Business and Private Mileage

      Easily save and retrieve business and private mileage reporting. 

    • Driver Login & Comparison

      Option to allow drivers to login to monitor and improve their own driver behaviour, efficiency and manage their own mileage; compare KPI statistics against other drivers.

    • System Customisation

      Extend functionality by choosing from a range of custom controls and sensors for your specific business needs such as: door open/closed, temperature monitoring, panic buttons, blue light services and more.

    • Administration

      Monitor and control exactly which actions each user of the system is allowed to perform, ScorpionTrack Fleet’s powerful permission controlled access system provides a rich user experience while you are assured that business critical data remains secure.


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