PS940    Flush Mount Rear Installed

PS940 Flush Mount Rear Installed


Flush-fit sensors (OEM-style) are the neatest of our range, similar to original vehicle manufacturer's sensors.


Price includes standard installation.


Front sensors are installed with on/off switch.  An automatic CAN bus switch is an optional extra at £75.00.



  • 14.5mm Paintable Sensors
  • 12/24 Volts -20 - 200mA
  • Power Cable:0.8m
  • Sensor Cable: 0.8m
  • Buzzer Cable: 2.5m
  • Detection Range: 0.2 - 1.5m
  • Frequency: 40KHz
  • Working Temp: -30 - +70C
  • Heigh Adjustment Range: 100mm Up - 100mm Down
  • Muti Tone Buzzer 3 Vol Levels
  • Self- test Function
  • Intelligent Detectable- Towbar/ Spare wheel (Ignore Function)
  • Sensor Beam heigh Adjustable
  • Outer Sensor Adjustment
  • Internal Flush Fitting
  • Option To Add Display
  • 2/4 Sensor Compatible
  • 3 Year Warranty 
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