Vehicle Tracking

Thatcham Tracking

Usually for private individuals who need to protect their family car or motorhome, or businesses wanting to protect their vehicles from theft. 


The system is known as Stolen Vehicle Location, and protection from theft is its primary function. Very often, installing one of these trackers is a requirement of vehicle insurers, particularly for high value or attractive vehicles.

Thatcham Trackers are monitored remotely by a 24/7 Monitoring Centre.

S7 (formally CAT6) - Track and trace system, liaising with the police to recover a stolen vehicle.  

S5 (formally CAT5) - Similar to the S7, but with the added feature of Driver ID tags. Any movement without a tag will be treated as a suspected theft. Remote immobilisation can also be included at an additional cost.

Fleet Tracking

Primarily for businesses who need to control their vehicle fleets; see where vehicles are at any time, check routes, monitor driver behaviour or time on the job. 

Can be used to monitor overtime, the working day, journey history, fuel usage and the operation of vehicle functions (Door open, fridge on, gritter on etc).

The functional website shows all the tracked vehicles in your fleet. The map function allows the controller see the location of all vehicles at once, or to chose one to see more information. 
The trackers can use geofencing to notify the controller when a particular location is approached, or when a vehicle leaves a particular area.


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