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Dash Cameras

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Purchasing a dash cam will provide you with a silent witness which will capture any incident that may happen, protecting your no-claims, speeding up the process with insurance companies and prevent any unnecessary stress that may come with an incident.

*Prices are for standard cars.  Some executive cars, motorhomes and HGVs may incur extra installation cost.*

Some vehicles, such as Skodas and Volvos, could experience radio problems with a rear dash camera. The DAB radios can be overly susceptible to interference, causing a loss of signal in certain areas. Our engineers can install a filter which usually fixes the issue, however it is not a guaranteed solution.

Very often, the problem is not apparent to the installer after the installation, if the DAB signal is strong in the area. You might only notice it while driving.


Sometimes, it is unavoidable. It is not a fault of the camera or the installation. Rather, it's the weak DAB signal combined with a susceptible car radio and aerial proximity to the camera. In the event of this, if the dash camera was supplied by us, you can request a return of the rear camera only and a credit will be issued for the cost of the product.

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