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Nextbase Dash Cam

Invest in a Nextbase dash cam

A dash cam is a great investment for a number of reasons. Not only will you be able to have physical evidence of an accident, but you can also use it to record scenic drives and memorable trips.

At Carcomms we are proud to stock a range of options when it comes to dash cams from Nextbase such as:

Varying in price and features, you can pay in 3 interest-free payments via PayPal.

As well as proudly stocking Nextbase dash cams, we are also more than happy to help with the installation. We know that it can be tricky installing your own, so our team can do the hard work.

The fitting includes a hidden hard-wire to the power feed, the earth, and a good ignition where necessary. All of these are fused where necessary for safety and legally locating the equipment.

We can also help you install any equipment you bring that you purchased overseas, but please be advised that certain equipment may not be up to UK standards and/or may interfere with your DAB radio, causing signal loss in some locations.

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